These reify the positivist position and ensure its

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Unformatted text preview: iolence that it fosters . The pervasiveness of state-sanctioned terror, police brutality, mass incarceration, and the endless ambushes of white populism is where we must begin our theorising. Though state practices create and reproduce the subjects,discourses, and places that are inseparable from them, we can no longer presuppose the subjects and subject positions nor the ideologies and empiricisms of political and class forces. Rather, the analysis of a contingent yet comprehensive state terror becomes primary. This is not to debate the traditional The problem here is how to dwell on the structures of pervasiveness, terror, and gratuitousness themselves rather than simply the state as an apparatus. It is to ask how the state exists as a formation or confluence of processes with decentred agency, how the subjects of state authority — its agents, citizens, and captives — are produced in the crucible of its ritualistic violence. concerns of radical leftist politics that presuppose (and close off) the qu...
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