This i will argue is as true for those who were

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Unformatted text preview: t was the primary motive driving the African slave trade. Capitalism is not the root cause of anti-blackness Wilderson, award-winning author of Incognegro: A Memoir of Exile and Apartheid. He is one of two Americans to hold elected office in the African National Congress and is a former insurgent in the ANC’s armed wing, 2010 (Frank B. III “Introduction: Unspeakable Ethics” Red, White, & Black: Cinema and the Structure of U.S. Antagonisms, )GG Both Spillers and Eltis remind us that the archive of African slavery shows no internal recognition of the libidinal costs of turning human bodies into sentient flesh. From Marx’s reports on proposed vagabond-into-slave legislation, it becomes clear that the libidinal economy of such European legislation is far too unconsciously invested in “saving” the symbolic value of the very vagabonds such laws consciously seek to enslave. In other words, the law would rather shoot itself (that is, sacrifice the economic development of the New World) in the foot than step into a subjective void where idlers and...
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