This hyper economy with its hyper injustice is the

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Unformatted text preview: ical, and intellectual discourse of the current milieu resists being sanctioned and authorized by the irreconcilable demands of Indigenism and Blackness —academic enquiry is thus no more effective in pursuing a revolutionary critique than the legislative antics of the loyal opposition. This is how Left-leaning scholars help civil society recuperate and maintain stability. But this stability is a state of emergency for Indians and Blacks. Policing Policing justifies and hides the antiblack white supremacist racism Martinot and Sexton, Director, critical race theorist at San Francisco State University and African American Studies School of Humanities UCI, 2003 (Steve and Jared, "The Avant-Garde of White Supremacy", Social Identities, Volume 9, Number 2, 2003 Accessed 8-3-12, MR) This confluence of repetition and transformation, participation and subjection gets conjugated inversely so that the target becomes the aggressor and the uniformed aggressors become a priesthood, engineering a political culture whose construction is the pra...
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