This is not an accommodation to the dictates of the

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Unformatted text preview: of pathology in the moral register, but rather a matter of the apprehension of psychic—and political—reality in the properly psychoanalytic sense: an effect of misrecognition, a problem of register and symbolization, an optical illusion or echo that dissimulates the source and force of the propagation. It is a confusion of one for two and two for one, the projection of an internal differentiation onto an external surface, the conversion of impossibility into prohibition. Wilderson’s is an analysis of the law in its operation as “police power and racial prerogative both under and after slavery” (Wagner 2009: 243). So too is Moten’s analysis, at least that just-less-than-half of the intellectual labor committed to the object of black studies as critique of (the antiblackness of) Western civilization. But Moten is in how black social life steals away or escapes from the law, how it frustrates the police power and, in so doing, calls that very policing into being in the first place. The policing of black freedom, then, is ai...
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