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Unformatted text preview: Aaron M., Riley E., “Cool Dudes: The Denial of Climate Change Among Conservative White Males in the United States,” Global Environmental Change, Volume 21, October 2011, Pages 1163-1172, SJH) Among conservative white males, there is a positive correlation between self-reported understanding and climate change denial. The Gamma values range in strength from moderate (.32) to strong (.56). Among all other adults, however, we see a weaker positive correlation (.21) on the first denial item (the effects of global warming will never happen), no correlation on the fourth denial item (seriousness of global warming is generally exaggerated in the media), and negative correlations for the remaining three indicators. The positive correlations between self-reported understanding and climate change denial among conservative white males are consistent with expectations based upon identity-protective cognition and system-justification tendencies . Briefly, the latter expects a positive correlation between confidence in beliefs about a problem that threatens system order and denial of that very problem. This is especially the case as, with reference to identity-protective cognition, climate change denial seems to have become almost an essential component of conservative white male identity. Climate Change Denial Conservative white males have a strong tendency to deny cli...
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