To say we must be free of air while admitting to

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Unformatted text preview: ite, & Black: Cinema and the Structure of U.S. Antagonisms, Pg 5-6) GG It is customary for a book like this to end with a prescriptive gesture, at least the germ of a new beginning if not a new world, a seed to be nurtured and cultivated by Lenin’s question, What is to be done? Even when such seeds were not sown throughout the book, an author might be tempted to harvest a yield, however meager , in the conclusion. Not only have such seeds not been sown in this book, but I have argued that anti-Blackness is the genome of this horticultural template for Human renewal. Given the structural violence that it takes to produce and reproduce a Slave—violence as the structure of Black life, as opposed to violence as one of many lived Black experiences—a concluding consideration of the question, What is to be done? would ring hollow. Fanon came closest to the only image of sowing and harvesting that befits this book. Quoting Cesaire, he urged his readers to start “the end of the world,” the “only thing… worth the effort of starting” (Black Skin, White Masks 96), a shift from horticulture to pyrotechnics. Rather than mime the restoration and/or reorganization dreams which conclusions often fall prey to, however unwittingly, Fanon dreams of an undoing, however implausible, for its own sake. Still, there are moments when Fanon finds his o...
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