Vasconcelos 1997 pp 32 33 by this account the blacks

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Unformatted text preview: spires to engulf and to express everything human in forms of constant improvement’ (1997, p. 19). Some sixty years later, Gloria Anzaldu´a draws from Vasconcelos’s work in order to elabourate the concept of mestizaje in Borderlands/La Frontera. Her (admittedly critical) intellectual debt and spiritual kinship are expressed in the following passage: Jose´ Vasconcelos, Mexican philosopher, envisaged una raza mestiza, una mezcla de razas afines, una raza de color — la primera raza sı´ntesis del globo. He called it a cosmic race, la raza co´smica, a fifth race embracing the four major races of the world. Opposite to the theory of the pure Aryan, and to the policy of racial purity that white America practices, his theory is one of inclusivity. At the confluence of two or more genetic streams, with chromosomes constantly ‘crossing over’, this mixture of races, rather than resulting in an inferior being, provides hybrid progeny, a mutable, more malleable species with a rich gene pool. From this racial, ideological, cultural and biological cross-pollinization, an ‘alien’ con...
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