Vast political cataclysms such as the civil rights

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Unformatted text preview: change and instead results in more of the same Martinot and Sexton, Director, critical race theorist at San Francisco State University and African American Studies School of Humanities UCI, 2003 (Steve and Jared, "The Avant-Garde of White Supremacy", Social Identities, Volume 9, Number 2, 2003 Accessed 8-3-12, MR) There are oppositional political movements of course; some are progressive, fewer are radical. But each encounters a certain internal limitation. For instance, there are movements seeking to make the police more accountable to legal and communal standards of conduct; but their role then becomes one of making the state work better and more efficiently. They work, perhaps unwittingly, at reconstructing and not dismantling the white state. What they fail to understand or accept is that the police are already accountable, but to something out of reach of the principles of justice or democracy . There is a (largely symbolic) multiracial or mixed race movement that understands itself to be the very transcendence of race but , in mixing and matching races supposed to really exist, it subsumes the products of racism in ways that recall many dimensions of white supremacist thinking. The ethic of retribution that legitimates the expan...
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