Wall streets aim to create and sustain a permanent

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Unformatted text preview: where he belonged… The function of a social structure is to set up institutions to serve man's needs. A society that drives its members to desperate solutions is a non-viable society, a society to be replaced .29 Alternatives Performance Spoken word Everyones spoken word matters William-White 11(Lisa William-White, Jun 17,2011,Scholarship Revolution, California State, Sacramento, http://qix.sagepub.com/content/17/6/534.full.pdf+html) See Grandma only had an 10th-grade education Yet she knew THAT! Could interpret her position within the social like Soledad on CNN and yet she never penned NUTHIN’ Her SPOKEN words mattered! She had no need to hold a degree To analyze or comprehend The game played under the guise of American DE-mo-cra-cy Or globally How’s that for an indigenous epistemology? Yet, she told us kids And ev’ry one else who’d listen To “use yo’ head fo’ mo’ Than a hat rack”. To perceive what’s goin’ on in America “And we got dat!” Took that organic intellectualism From the hood To the Amen corner To the Ivory Tower And back Capitalism Spoken word against Capitalistic greed William-White 11 (Lisa William-White, Jun 17,2011,Scholarship Revolution, California State, Sacr...
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