We are aware of some potential implications for white

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Unformatted text preview: extualised glosses on fantasies of he is among those thinkers who encourage us to understand the complex entanglement of seemingly opposing terms.9 ‘In an age when sceptical doubt has taken root in the world’, he writes, when…it is no longer possible to find the sense of non-sense, it becomes harder to penetrate to a level where the categories of sense and nonsense are not yet invoked. (Fanon, 1967, p. 9, my emphasis) It is precisely this level of analysis that we must attend to if we are to unhook ourselves from the oppositionist dynamics of the law and a transgression that remains passionately complicit with it.10 Moreover, we must challenge the conservative temptations of political quietude that are often (if wrongly) assigned to deconstruction. In order to map out the countervailing forces of white supremacy, we must examine the affective terrain before the conceptual dichotomy, theoretically prior to the either-or distinction of raed difference, where there are not yet objects, but only...
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