White imagination climate science and enviro policy

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Unformatted text preview: enemy, and to discover it clearly, was also to turn away from the master and discover something essential about oneself: as Fanon puts it, "I had incisors to test. I was sure they were strong." 13 Since ontology had been denied, since there was no basis for the smooth operation of Hegel's dialectic of recognition, such a basis had to be created: "Since the other hesitated to recognize me, there remained only one solution: to make myself known."14 Fanon's theory of symbolic ontological violence, then, could be summarized in these three words: making oneself known.And to make himself known meant, in the context of ontological disqualification, to seize hold of the only identity available to him, the one imposed on him through precisely this same ontological disqualification: "I resolved, since it from an inborn complex, to assert myself as a BLACK MAN."15 It is at this moment that Fanon, against the universal ache of every shred of his being, "buries himself in the black abyss" that he himself would criticize in no uncertain terms. 16 Hence while Fanon is relentless in his criticism of especially...
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