Overviews of these works see goodchild 1996 and

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Unformatted text preview: (see Root, 1992 and 1996) we are forced to engage, yet again, with the domain of sexuality as a crucial field for the historical invention of race. For it is within the terms of sexual practice and predilection — which, to be sure, are never reducible to issues of reproduction — that the imaginary bounds of race are forged with the greatest intensity the emergence of a popular multiracial consciousness in the post-civil rights era in the US contains some ( as yet unrealised) critical promise not only for the politics of racial identity per se, but also for sustained reflection on the vicissitudes of desire. Thus, we might say at present that any multiracial constituency whatsoever occupies quite literally a ‘pre-post’erous space where it has to actualise, enfranchise, and empower its own ‘identity’ and coextensively engage in the deconstruction of the very logic of ‘identity’ and its binary and exclusionary politics. (my emphasis) In other words, we must carefully consider precisely against what multiracial identity asserts its actualisation and its empowerment in its purportedly affirmative moment. Anything less than such a critical double duty (even as the raation of sexuality remains a d...
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