Pause slower pace finally a last thought has occurred

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Unformatted text preview: ly have to track it down now Go waaay-out-of-the-way to find the art somehow! Which raises an important set of issues NOW . . . See the music establishment establishes the canon Determines marketable use Then gives a lil change to artists Complicit in corporate hegemony and abuse So what’s their use? Even Jay Z,” Hova”45 embarrassed46 recently By some of his lyrical, musical legacy Revelation does spawn revolution Decolonization Decolonize the mind William-White 11(Lisa William-White, Jun 17,2011,Scholarship Revolution, California State, Sacramento, Eventually! For him lyrics masked by Verbal fluidity a dope-ass beat and miso-gyn-is-tic absurdity not hatin’47 but . . . speakin’ what recently occurred to me you see: USA capitalistic structure And economic interests Always usin’ indigenous art for profit And big business Pushin’ capitalist’s agenda As it always has Like when hymnals became spirituals Elvis’ croonin’...
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