Perpetrator that essentializes identity categories

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Unformatted text preview: stence of bare life; bios is its own zoe, meaning political life is inseparable from natural life. Yet, this is not a politics of sovereignty, a juridico-political order in which citizenship is tied to nationality -- not, that is, a current version of "the personal is political" -- but a politics that expresses itself before the division between public and private, before the determinations of identification with this or that category. A politics, therefore, affirming the life of the child indifferent to the color of her classmate's skin, or of a community unbound to a name or a celebrated past. 46 Politicized Identity K - Community Politics Key Affirming black identity foreclosures progress – only communal politics solves Enns 7 (Diane, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Philosophy and Peace Studies, McMaster University, “Political Life Before Identity”, Theory & Event 10:1, Project Muse, og) If the aspiration to be white is one problematic response to this doubled consciousness of the black man, the aspiration to be black is another. Fanon states famously that "what is often called the black soul is a white man's artifact" (BS 14) and throughout this impassioned text he remains critical of even a temporary emphasis o...
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