Structured by a negative categorical imperativeabove

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Unformatted text preview: med less at its dreaded prospect, apocalyptic rhetoric notwithstanding, than at its irreducible precedence. The logical and ontological priority of the unorthodox self-predicating activity of blackness, the “improvisatory exteriority” or “improvisational immanence” that blackness is, renders the law dependent upon what it polices. This is not the noble agency of resistance. It is a reticence or reluctance that we might not know if it just that much more interested were not pushing back, so long as we know that this pushing back is really a pushing forward. So you see, in this perverse sense, black social death is black social life. The object of black studies is the aim of black studies. The most radical negation of the antiblack world is the most radical affirmation of a blackened world. Afro-pessimism is “not but nothing other than” black optimism.xvii A2 Manichean K Resisting anti-Blackness is an active life affirming process – accepting and flipping pathology Sexton 11 (Jared, PhD, Director, African American Studies Dept., UC Irvine, “The Social Life of Social Death: On Afro-Pessimism an...
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