Phonetics 4 Suprasegmentals

segment length may signal word meaning contrasts eg

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Unformatted text preview: tive tones in the world? ! Segment length may signal word meaning contrasts (e.g. Hungarian, Japanese, Finnish, Cree) ! Japanese ! No language is known to use loudness alone to signal word meaning contrasts. ! length in ipa is indicated by colon. and can change the word meaning. But loudness may be used as one component of indicating stressed versus unstressed syllables. ! [kita] ! [kit:a] ! ‘came, arrived’ ‘cut, sliced’ Finnish ! [taka] ! [tak:a] ! [ta:k:a] ‘back’ ‘fireplace’ ‘burden’ Text 3 9/16/2013 ! ! Stress is perceived prominence of a...
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