Dangerous Minds

Dangerous Minds - from, and their current lifestyles that...

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Saksena 1 Sean Saksena Mrs. Serena Frost English 1105 August 29, 2006 Dangerous Minds , a Lecture Comparison The film, Dangerous Minds , deals with the issues and prejudice of schooling of inner city youth. The youth in this movie come from broken homes, poor families, the slums of their cities, and lives of crime. The school puts prejudice on the students continuously throughout the film. In our lesson, we discussed linguistic profiling, prejudice, the roles of schools, and inner city youth. The movie has similar themes and can be justified at several points in the movie First, the school separates these kids among the other students. They call these students “special students”. All of these students are put into one classroom. The curriculum of the class is at a level that is suitable for students at an elementary level. Therefore, the school concludes that because of who these students are, where they are
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Unformatted text preview: from, and their current lifestyles that they are not capable for a higher level of learning. Secondly, the school is prejudice against pregnant students. In the film, there was no rule for a pregnant student to switch schools. However, the faculty preferred the girls to switch, far before their child was to be due. The faculty deemed a pregnant woman unsafe, draws too much attention, and unfit because of the circumstances around her. Lastly, the prejudices and barriers were proven wrong. In time, students were able to read and comprehend college level poetry. The students and teacher both challenged Saksena 2 the curriculum, the school officials, and themselves. Ultimately, they broke free from prejudice and were able to learn at a higher level...
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Dangerous Minds - from, and their current lifestyles that...

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