Cons we never have no embryos we may get two for the

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Unformatted text preview: rsheds: Twinning Pros - Twinning period ends during gastrulation; tries to identify “individuation”! Cons - We never have no embryos; we may get “two for the price of one”. From A Child Is Born DIANE ARBUS: IDENTICAL TWINS, ROSELLE, NEW JERSEY, 1967 2012/02/12/seeing-double/ Possible Watersheds: Twinning Parallel: Asexual budding in cnidarians. There was always at least one polyp present! BIOL3530/DEVO_14/ch14f15.jpg Possible Watersheds: Neurulation Pros - many people feel that CNS function is a sine qua non (key aspect) of human e...
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