Note this question will be graded right minus wrong o

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Unformatted text preview: aqueous solution. Note: this question will be graded right minus wrong.” O CH2 CH2 N C CH3 C H 3O H N H 4 Question #2 (12 points) Aspartame is an artificial sweetener. The neutral, uncharged form is shown below. O OH C CH2 O CH2 O NH 2 CH C N CH C O CH3 H PMS at pH = 3.5 (a) Draw the principle molecular species of aspartame expected to exist in Diet Coke (pH 3.5). Choose the most appropriate pKa values from the reference sheet. ( c) Estimate to the nearest 1% (eg. 18%, 76% etc) the % of aspartame molecules that exist as isoelectric zwitterions in Diet Coke (pH 3.5). (d) Draw the structure of the average aspartame molecule at pH = 3.5. Give fractional charges to 2 decimal places. O OH C CH2 O CH2 O NH 2 CH C N CH C O CH3 H Average molecule at pH = 3.5 5 Question #4 (6 points) “Cardophilin” is a brand-name drug used to treat cardiac arythmias. During initial studies of the drug, it was found that among persons taking the same daily dose of Cardophilin, some persons possessed slightly higher concentrations of Cardophilin in their blood if they were also taking another drug that increased the pH of their urine from 6 (normal) to 8. Which of the following structures is the likely structure of Cardophilin? O O (1) CN C CH2SH H CH3 CH3 (3) N H CH3 N C COOH CH3 H CH3 CH3 OH OH C C NH 2 (4) N HO O CCC H CH3 CCH H CH3 OH (5) (2) H CN H NH 2 CH3 OH O (6) C HO N H CCH CH3 (a) First circle your answer. ( b) Now briefly explain...
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