201-13-5-Metabolism II to post part A

Animal metabolism ii brief list of learning outcomes

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Unformatted text preview: the organic chemistry catalyzed by that enzyme. [email protected] the sequence of [email protected] that occur in glycolysis and the TCA cycle. [email protected] HEI and explain why the equilibrium constants for the hydrolysis of these [email protected] is so high. Animal Metabolism (II)! Brief List of Learning Outcomes! Moran et al. Readings Ch. 10, Sect. 10.0 - 10.4 Ch. 10, Sect. 10.6 Ch. 11, Sect. 11.0 - 11.5, 11.7 Moran et al. Figure 9.9 Animal Metabolism (II)! Animal Cells! Animal Metabolism (II)! Anim...
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