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201-13-5-Metabolism II to post part A

Recognize the high energy intermediates and sites of

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Unformatted text preview: thways: Anaerobic Animal Metabolism (II)! Anaerobic Catabolism & Glycolysis! Why we are going to focus on Glycolysis. 1. Know where & why (purpose) the pathway is taking place 2. Learn to recognize what is happening in each of the [email protected] (what is needed/what is taken away), for a given pathway. 3. Learn to recognize/predict the enzyme (semi- [email protected] nomenclature) catalyzing each of the [email protected] 4. Recognize the high- energy intermediates and sites of ATP synthesis 5. Be able to [email protected]/count the # of ATP synthesized (both by SLP and [email protected] [email protected]) in a given pathway Glucose Catabolism & Glycolysis! An...
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