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201-13-5-Metabolism II to post

Glycolysis reactions 9 10 reac2on 9 2 phosphoglycerate

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Unformatted text preview: hyde- C Carboxylic acid- C Rx. 9 Enzyme: Dehydrogenase Rx. 10 Purpose: To create the high- energy intermediate (1,3 - BPG) for ATP synthesis (Acyl - phosphate) Animal Metabolism (II)! Glucose Catabolism & Glycolysis! Reac2on 6 & 7: Phosphoryla2on of ADP A phosphoryl group is transferred from 1,3- BPG (high- energy intermediate form Rxn. # 6) to ADP forming ATP. Rxn. # 6 Rxn. # 7 kinase O Rx. 5 C ATP OPO3-2 COO- Animal Metabolism (II)! C OH ! Animal Metabolism (II) H C OH H Rx. 6 1,3-Bisphosphoglycerate Glucose CH2OPO3-2 Catabolism & Glycolysis#8! 2OPO3-2 Glycolysis Reaction ! CH ADP Phosphoglycerate kinase Reac2on 8 Phosphoglycerate Phosphoryl group moved from C #3 to C #2 mutase ATP Rx. 7 COOH Rx. 8 C OH COO- 3-Phosphoglycerate C OPO -2 H 3 CH2OPO3-2 2- Phosphoglycerate 2-Phosphoglycerate 2- PG 3- Phosphoglycerate Phosphoglycerate Rx. 9 mutase E CH2OH 3- PG H2O ADP + H+ ATP Enzyme Type: COORx. 10 COO- C H C OPO Purpose: 3-2 C OPO3-2 C CH2OH 2-Phosphoglycerate Enolase CH2 Pyruvate kinase Phosphoenolpyruvate C Pyr Animal Metabolism (II)! Glycolysis Reactions #9 & 10! Reac2on #9: 2- phosphoglycerate → Phosphoenolpyruvate + H2O Reac2on #10 Phosphoenolpyruvate + ADP → Pyruvate + ATP Enzyme Types: Purpose: Animal Metabolism (II)! Glucose Catabolism & Glycolysis! Reac2ons 9 & 10: Subtrate- level phosphoryla2on The enolase- pyruvate kinase reac2ons 1 2 Rx. 5 Animal Metabolism (II)! (II)! Animal Metabolism Rx. 6 Anaerobic Catabolism & Glycolysis! Glycolysis Reaction #10! Reac2on 10: Phosphoryla2on of ADP using High- energy Intermediate (PEP) Rx. 7 Rx. 8 Rx. 9 Rx. 10 Enzyme: Kinase Purpose: ATP synthesis Animal Metabolism (II)! Fate of Pyruvate! Animal Metabolism (II)! Anaerobic Catabolism & Glycolysis! Reac2on 11: Oxida2on- Reduc2on Reac2on Oxidized NADH NAD+ Reduced Ketone- C Alcohol- C Under anaerobic condi2ons NADH produced in Rxn.#6 cannot be used to make ATP by Oxphos NADH is used to reduce Pyruvate to Lactate, so NAD+ is recycled / recovered to be used again. Animal Metabolism (II)! Anaerobic Catabolism & Glycolysis! Reac2on 11: Oxida2on- Reduc2on Reac2on Glucose 2 Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate 2 NAD+ 2...
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