5-Enzyme mechamism handout3

Catalysis and covalent bond catalysis adapted from

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Unformatted text preview: atalysis: strong nucleophile + bad leaving group acidcatalysis:makeleavinggroupbetter basecatalysis:generatebetternucleophile OH- © Solomons Nucleophilic acyl substitution (NAS): Acid catalysis: weak nucleophile + good leaving group H3O+ OH2 © Solomons Overview 1. Introduction: Thermodynamics vs. kinetics Catalysis Enzyme catalysis 2. RNase: (Example 1) Function, structure, reaction Mechanism without catalysis Transition state stabilization Acid/base catalysis Specificity 3. Chymotrypsin: (Example 2) Reaction cycle Covalent catalysis Acid/base catalysis Transition state stabilization Chymotrypsin: Stabilization of transition state and intermediate T...
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