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Pka ph ionization henderson hasselbalch equation a ph

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Unformatted text preview: ion with NaHCO3. Henderson-Hasselbalch Equation Calculate PMS and AM of methyl salicylate at three pH values. pKa, pH & ionization Henderson-Hasselbalch Equation [A-] pH – pKa = log [HA] pH = 3 pH = 4 pH = 5 getridofthe1%,becausepHisat6 Notapartialcharge,nomoleculehasthis exactcharge. % A- = 50% Totalofmolecules % A- = 9% % HA = 91% % HA = 50% No single PMS PMS @ pH 3 AM @ pH 3 % A- = 91% % HA = 9% AM @ pH 4 PMS @ pH 5 AM @ pH 5 Case Study #2 The Kidney OO C OCH H O C C3 3 OH COOH pKa ~ 4 At high pH, 100% of molecules are ionized, decreasing the tendency for passive re-asborption. PMS language: Increasing urine pH with NaHCO3 increases the proportion of methyl salicylate (=the ionized form) over methyl salicylic acid (=the undissociated form), thus promoting excretion. AM language: Increasing urine pH with NaHCO3 increases the charge on the aver...
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