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201-13-4-Energy Transfer III part B to post (1)

Photosystem ii needprostheticgroups

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Unformatted text preview: ia. It binds to ATP synthase (Fo component of ATP synthase which serves as a H+ channel) With time (when ATP synthase is inhibited) ETC shuts down. This is because Oligomycin disrupts the steady state ET III - 48 Energy Transfer III Photophosphorylation! Energy required for ATP production is derived from light. compartments, ET III - 49 Energy Transfer III Photophosphorylation! CETC - CF1CF0 ATP synthase redox,soreliesonprostheticgroups againneeds lightenergy photolysis, ET III - 50 thermodynamicallyunfavourable e-fromwatertransferreddowntheredoxpotential,allwhileincreasesprotonconc Energy Transfer III Photophosphorylation! Photosystem II needprostheticgroups (chlorophyllistheirprostheticgroup, magnesiumincentre,ratherthaniron) ET III - 51 Energy Transfer III! ETC versus CETC! Similarities: bothhaveATPsynthase redoxreactionsprovideenergyforgenerationofprotongradient...
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