Straight Line Amortization - Discounts

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Unformatted text preview: .1L 20X2 20X3 y,ouo ~OC)O ll?I(.P"11.. Oj/(.J)I2 q~'Jtv:r 2.- 20X4 'iDVO • I .C{5tv-JL 20X5 \)',~ t5t(A-..L 9 t;lv (l. I?K.-112 "' t5 lt.l'. fl What is the total interest expense for the bond over its life? tJ 1, ~ '63.uo How does the payment of interest and recording interest expense affect the accounting equation each year? lht-tr~sf f.'l..p,rn (a,.}t\_ )"I S(().Xdv r-- Show how the bond would be reported on the 12/31/X1 balance sheet. --v~- 't. ~~ \1•(1'1 1-013.1'"'1li·~L fJI.;VCj - t ~no\h ~~(abLt -:D·~(}JY1-t ~ C<otk7tl,'t1- ~·• l'li {a 1~ ln1flest t E:-ffeGhve_ )n-It~+ IJtrufJlec(joYJ 1~ - r ct:. ~ · me-, (d;;; i!Ltm4t. racz, ~'"-ir "ato~ ') (e-fe.e.;qv-l. r~') NeALia.b!{it\ rJ,/~, 9 '61( .f4 tt./o~JKt too,ooo ' C%L.~ 1~ -ev (21nSP-- Jv,ncJ..J ~~ ~ t~ t'f(lJ.nSt. Dr&uAVL ~\.; ?f24{[,JLt J...
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