Cost of Goods Sold - LIFO FIFO

61s pl weighted average periodic r ijj vllj 2 complete

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Unformatted text preview: <61s (p]({L Weighted Average Periodic ? r ?:iJJ "' VllJ 2 Complete the following table: tn f11Ci v lLek i/aLu-e_ \rJ t H YlA H i'b ~~~-/IY~ a*.. 20 / u d -1· ~ ~ IiJS J c, Using FIFO Using LIFO JF),DDQ Sales c LU ~ IF) /) Cost of Goods Sold· ~ i\\~ \~\JP I VVt.-~ i-f():X) -vurcu1a )f'J 10, vso / 0,~50 CC-1 R"-! S lL--/ 1 Ct/5D 1L-J \ ~,3rsoj fl.~I5Dj_ cv~ oG -1]-- (V\~"-tv'"" 0;.3oO cc-, sc.,;o<;S '-1000 f(IC.{I (y)t\,. () ~~DO lvSD 6 I IZDO 1,8: '.·~...
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