Capitol vs. Expense

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Unformatted text preview: 30 In s-it:d- c.. cl...ta 1'1 ~~ 21 ~o l o 2 LJ LfO e't(Ufl~ ~ 0-{tiu..-- -eq U,fWYL.t It-t - etf2.t )~ Subsequent Expenditures: Identify which expenditures would be capitalized and which ones would be expensed. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. e e. Purchased new battery at a cost of $40 for a two-year old delivery truck. Installed an escalator at a cost of$12,500 in a three-story building which had previously been used for some years without elevators or escalators. C -e Purchas~d a pencil sharpener at a cost of $3 .50 e._ c Irnmedia e y after acquiring a new delivery truck at a cost of $5,500, paid $125 to have the name of the store and other advertising material painted on the truck. uJVtlV\ ~1c)J kv~ Painted delivery truck at a cost of$175 after two years of use. e i~ C Original life of the delivery truck had been estimated as four years and straight-line depreciation of 25% yearly had been recognized....
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