Amortization of a Bond Premium or Discount

4 at what price were the bonds issued 5 iojt ctlo what

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Unformatted text preview: ed? 5. IO~{Jt. ct.lo What was the interest expense for 20X4? CPOJo JCD;cco C!J~?JJ ,~~ 6. Was the bond ' issued at a premium or discount? [ 100,000.00 1 ~Y"Vevlv~ flo~sV\ .~'~u.. ~oes u\) be.- 1 -f· IOc)tc. S' (c,c,CJ v 't1';) ·'fi/L4""- ma . . u+ Co "Jh- inf-e1_,;f va [Je, - -(au ~ ~0 ) ~~ \Fj 'f.\ \ l t)IC \ <C9'£ tt> ~ I I /t3,000 .r;-e ,~1£ 2 4 ?J 2J-'7 5/:JJl'CO (. v 1 ~ "/J Annv.ti -eac.~ 7et(Yvu..-~ mctr lev{_ t. , ...... -:y,·,u_ -:..53 n =- 'lG J...
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