Why cold war military buildup 4b a changing new

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Unformatted text preview: l corporate income. WHY?? Cold War military buildup. 4B. A Changing New Corporate Culture: Workplace “The Company Man” “The 1956 Sloan Wilson’s The Man in Sloan the Gray Flannel Suit 5A. The Culture of the Car registrations: Car 25,000,000 1945 1960 60,000,000 2-family cars doubles from 1951-1958 1958 Pink Cadillac 1959 Chevy Corvette 1956 Interstate Highway Act largest 1956 Interstate public works project in American history! Å Cost $32 billion. Cost Å 41,000 miles of new highways built. 41,000 5B. The Culture of the Ca more ar America became America homogeneous nation because of the automobile. automobile. First McDonald’s First (1955) (1955) Drive-In Drive-In Movies Movies Howard Howard Johnson’s Johnson’s 5C. The Culture of the Car The U. S. population was on the move in the 1950s. The NE & Mid-W S & SW (“Sunbelt” states) NE (“Sunbelt” 1955 Disneyland opened in Southern California. 1955 (40% of the guests came from outside California, most by car.) Frontier Land Main Street Tomorrow Land 6A. Television 1946 7,000 TV sets in the U. S. 1950 50,000,000 TV sets in the U. S. 1950 Television is a vast wasteland. Newton Television Minnow, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, 1961 Communications Mass Audience TV celebrated traditional Mass American values. American Truth, Justice, and the American way! 6B. Television – The Davy Crockett Western King of the Wild Frontier Sheriff Matt Dillon, Sheriff Gunsmoke Gunsmoke The Lone Ranger (and his faithful sidekick, Tonto): sidekick, Who is that masked man?? Who 6C. Television - Family GlossyShows Glossy view of mostly middle-class suburban life. middle-class But... But... I Love Lucy Social Winners?... AND… The The Honeymooners Honeymooners Loosers? 7A. Teen Culture In the 1950s the word “teenager” entered In “teenager” the American language. By 1956 13 mil. teens with $7 bil. to spend By a year. 1951 “race music” “ROC...
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