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Unformatted text preview: e 1953 Sexual Behavior in the Human Female v Premarital sex was common. v Extramarital affairs were frequent Extramarital among married couples. among Kinsey’s results are an assault on the family Kinsey’s as a basic unit of society, a negation of moral law, and a celebration of licentiousness. law, -- Life magazine, early 1950s Life 10A. Progress Through Science 1951 -- First IBM Mainframe Computer 1951 First 1952 -- Hydrogen Bomb Test 1952 Hydrogen 1953 -- DNA Structure Discovered 1953 DNA 1954 -- Salk Vaccine Tested for Polio 1954 Salk 1957 -- First Commercial U. S. Nuclear 1957 U. Power Plant 1958 -- NASA Created 1958 NASA 1959 -- Press Conference of the First 7 1959 First American Astronauts 10B. Progress Through Science 1957 Russians launch SPUTNIK I 1957 SPUTNIK 1958 National Defense 1958 Education Act 10C. Progress Through UFO SightingsScience in the 1950s. skyrocketed War of the War Worlds Worlds Hollywood used aliens as a metaphor Hollywood for whom ?? ?? 10D. Progress Through Science Atomic Anxieties: “Duck-and-Cover Duck-and-Cover Generation” Generation” Atomic Testing: Atomic 1946-1962 U. S. exploded 217 1946-1962 nuclear weapons over the Pacific and in Nevada. The 50s Come to a 1959 Nixon-Khrushchev 1959 Close “Kitchen Debate” “Kitchen Cold War -----> Cold -----> Tensions Tensions <----- Technology <----& Affluence Class Discussion Topic: The postwar era witnessed tremendous economic growth and rising social contentment and conformity. Yet in the midst of such increasing affluence and comfortable domesticity, social critics expressed a growing sense of unease with American culture in the 1950s. American Assess the validity of the above Assess statement and explain how the decade of the 1950s laid the groundwork for the social and political turbulence of the 1960s. and...
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