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Course no section day time what happens if you have a

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Unformatted text preview: blem is referred to as an insert anomaly. Chapter 13-39 Last Name First Name 333-33-3333 Simpson Alice 333-3333 ACCT-3603 1M 9:00 AM 333-33-3333 Simpson Alice 333-3333 FIN-3213 3 Th 11:00 AM 333-33-3333 Simpson Alice 333-3333 MGMT-3021 11 Th 12:00 PM 111-11-1111 Sanders Ned 444-4444 ACCT-3433 2T 10:00 AM 111-11-1111 Sanders Ned 444-4444 MGMT-3021 5W 8:00 AM 111-11-1111 Sanders Ned 444-4444 ANSI-1422 7F 9:00 AM 123-45-6789 Moore Artie 555-5555 ACCT-3433 2T 10:00 AM 123-45-6789 Moore Artie 555-5555 FIN-3213 3 Th 11:00 AM Student ID Phone No. Course No. Section Day Time • If Ned withdraws from all his classes and you eliminate all three of his rows from the table, then you will no longer have a record of Ned. If Ned is planning to take classes next semester, then you probably didn ’t really want to delete all records of him. • This problem is referred to as a delete anomaly. Chapter 13-40 RELATIONAL DATABASES Basic requirements of a relational database Every In In column in a row must be single valued. other words, every cell can have one and only one value. value. Chapter 13-41 RELATIONAL DATABASES Basic The requirements of a relational database primary key cannot be null. The The primary key uniquely identifies a specific row in the table, so it cannot be null, and it must be unique for every record. every This rule is referred to as the entity integrity rule. This entity Chapter 13-42 RELATIONAL DATABASES Basic requirements of a relational database A foreign key must either be null or correspond foreign to the value of a primary key in another table. to This This rule is referred to as the referential integrity rule. referential The rule is necessary because foreign keys are used to The link rows in one table to rows in another table. link Chapter 13-43 STUDENTS Student ID Last Name First Name Phone No. Advisor No. 333-33-3333 Simpson Alice 333-3333 1418 111-11-1111 Sanders Ned 444-4444 1418 123-45-6789 Moore Artie 555-5555 1503 ADVISORS Advisor No. Last Name First Name Office No. 1418 Howard Glen 420 1419 Melton Amy 316 1503 Zhang Xi 202 1506 Radowski J.D. 203 Advisor No. is a foreign key in the STUDENTS table. Every incident of Advisor No. in the STUDENTS table either matches an instance of the primary key in the ADVISORS table or is null. Chapter 13-44 RELATIONAL DATABASES The The preceding three constraints produce a well-structured (normalized) database in which: which: Data are consistent. Redundancy is minimized and controlled. In In a normalized database, attributes appear multiple times only when they function as foreign keys. foreign The referential integrity rule ensures there The will be no update anomaly problem with Chapter foreign keys. foreign 13-45 RELATIONAL DATABASES Normalization Starts Starts with the assumption that everything is initially stored in one large table. initially A set of rules is followed to decompose that set initial table into a set of normalized tables. initial Objective is to produce a set of tables in thirdnormal form (3NF) because such tables are free normal of update, insert, and delete anomalies. of Chapter...
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