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Vocabulary List #2

Osmosis metabolic pathway a step wise series of

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Unformatted text preview: osmosis metabolic pathway - a step-wise series of chemical reactions, where each reaction is facilitated by a different enzyme. biosynthesis - the use of metabolic pathways to rearrange atoms in molecules available to the cell into biologically useful molecules. nitrogen fixation - the process where molecular nitrogen (N2) is reduced to form ammonia (NH3). autotroph - a cell able to reduce carbon dioxide to a three-carbon sugar (glyceraldehyde). - a cell heterotroph theft. unable to reduce carbon dioxide to a three-carbon sugar, thus, must get their needed supply of simple sugars from autotrophic cells via barter or essential nutrient - any nutrient that must be included in an organism's diet if normal function is to continue. allosteric modulation - whenever a protein's function is controlled by ligand-induced shape changes. - how cells energy metabolism NADPH. use an external usable energy source, such as light or a high energy molecule, to make the two needed cellular fuels - ATP and higher redox potential - a molecule that in comparison to another molecule does not hold onto certain electrons as tightly, so more readily donates electrons than accepts electrons....
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