9:30 Closer Look at Reproduction

How do they get transformed starting with sunlight

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Unformatted text preview: sunlight into the fuels that can run this? Without processors, the other alternative is random assembly and it is highly unlikely that two proteins of the same 8-1 recipe will be created in likelihood. -Proteins do the activity, but don't play the information roles of guiding the protein recipes (nucleic acids = DNA, RNA). Proteins: activity role Nucleic acids: information (activity) In order to keep making the same proteins, there must be protein recipes: protein parts, fuels (of certain types) Zero Protein synthesis: RNA translation Proteins (RNA, assorted proteins) RNA: information Assorted proteins: activity (of specified types) x Vma (of certain types) Protein(s) available molecules, fuels x Vma Protein(s) Zero x Vma RNA parts, fuels DNA transcription (DNA, assorted proteins) RNA x Vma STEPS: 1) Choose the recipe > genetic regulation 2) Make a working copy > DNA transcription 3) Follow the recipe > RNA translation Zero usable energy, other molecules Biosynth...
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