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9:30 Closer Look at Reproduction

These protein parts are made into proteins by other

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Unformatted text preview: protein parts are made into proteins by other certain proteins. Proteins x x Zero Protein(s) (of certain types) Vma available molecules Protein synthesis: Zero Biosynthesis: Either something made protein parts or they already exist in the world - made from stuff that's available in the environment Organisms also need usable energy for biosynthesis: Zero Proteins x Zero Protein(s) (of certain types) x protein parts, fuels Vma x Vma Protein(s) (of certain types) Protein(s) (of certain types) Protein synthesis: Vma usable energy, other molecules available molecules, fuels Biosynthesis: Zero Energy metabolism: Fuel for this performance is high-energy molecules. How do they get transformed starting with...
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