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10:1 Chemistry

Carbon and nitrogen are in between 9 2 does this

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Unformatted text preview: in between. 9-2 Does this arrangement make sense? Why or why not? H O H NCC H OH Chemical reactions: (a) For this to occur: H 1) right orientation HCH 2) right amount of force H (activation energy) (b) OO + + 2 O2 CH 4 CO2 molecular oxygen methane When molecules collide and then form a new shape by forming together, this is a rearrangement OCO OO A +B carbon dioxide C No, because the Carbon in the middle only has three bonds. You can fix it by adding a hydrogen to it. O H + O H H H + 2 H 2O water (not AB) C is something new, it is not AB Catalysts: Something that can recognize certain shapes and hold them together in a certain orientation (a) enzyme can be used again to facilitate the same type of chemical reaction Enzyme (catalyst) Substrates (inputs) Enzyme-Substrate Complex Enzyme Enzyme Products Products (outputs) x Vma Zero (b) Substrates chemical (potential) energy Energetics: A+B 1 2 A+B Define: Building reaction(anabolic)Breaking reaction(catabolic)- 9-3 chemical ( A+B C+D products substrates For example: 2 The amount of KE that needed to be converted to PE to start the reaction (activation energy). A+B chemical (potential) energy chemical (potential) energy 1 The amount of...
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