10:10 Containers

1 cell container keeps important biological molecules

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Unformatted text preview: the cell (as compared to outside the cell), will tend to be higher. Water will tend to flow in. 2. The concentration of other solutes in the environment will tend over time to equiibrate. Ca2+ H2 0 H2 0 Cl - 4. Cell ruptures, as force generated by incoming water exceeds what the membrane can handle. H2 0 H2 0 Some solutions to the water balance problem: 1. equal and opposite pressure generated by rigidity of cell wall pressure created by influx of water due to higher osmalarity inside cell cell wall cell membrane 2. H2 0 H2 0 Solution: Pump out something to balance osmolarity. But it: Problem: The osmolarity inside the cell tends to be higher than the outside. H2 0 H2 0 H2 0 • can't be biologically important • must by osmotically active (a solute) • must be common. H2 0 H2 0 Throw out a common ion! Na+ active transport 12-4...
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