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10:10 Containers

Oh oh polar head o ho region c ch o o h o hc c ch o

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Unformatted text preview: interacts with water H H H glycerol C OC O long chain hydrocarbon long chain hydrocarbon fatty acid tails (hydrophobic) monounsaturated long chain hydrocarbon long chain hydrocarbon saturated C OC O 2 fatty acids long chain hydrocarbon CH H (hydrophilic) O H H H C 2 O phosphate H triglyceride H C HHHHH phospholipid H O CC O HCOC H H OH HCOC O C H oleic acid (C18 ) (unsaturated) O HH H HC C 2 fatty acids Steroids: CH 3 cholesterol (27C) HC CH 3 CH 2 H CH 2 C CH 3 lipid because there are hydrocarbons everywhere CH 3 CH 3 HO polar nonpolar testosterone (19C) CH 3 OH estradiol (18C) CH 3 OH CH 3 O HO Self-assembly of membrane lipids: What happen when membrane lipids are added to water? can form membrane 1. Micelleshave singleiftails. lipids have short tails or Membrane lipids with two long tails cannot selfassemble into micelles. The tails cannot all fit in the middle. 12-1...
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