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10:10 Containers

B membrane permeable to both a membrane impermeable to

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Unformatted text preview: nd elastic. (a) Outer wall is rigid. (b) Outer wall is both compliant and elastic. compromise equilibrium: conc. grad. pressure grad. compromise equilibrium: conc. grad. pressure grad. 12-3 Osmolarity, osmosis, and tonicity: Define: OsmolarityOsmosis- (c) Hypotonic solution (a) Isotonic solution (b) Hypertonic solution Tonicity- H 2O H 2O H 2O cell lyses Why do cells tend to have too much water? 1. Cell (container) keeps important biological molecules inside (that is, these solutes will be in higher concentration on the inside in comparison to the outside). DNA deoxyribonucleotides RNA proteins sugars ribonucleotides amino acids phosphates other biological molecules K Na+ + 3. So overall the osmolarity inside...
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