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8:29 Life View

Together to keep processor a going e oc pr zero

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Unformatted text preview: ng. All loopy structures have interdependence. In the end, the processors will all eventually contribute to their own demise, therefore we will never get a performance that will last. Three problems all performances encounter: 1. Processors running out of usable energy supply 2. Each using up its material arrangement supply 3. Processors falling apart with use Solutions to the three problems all performances encounter: 1. Life needs to have an external energy source: the sun. 3-4 2. Role played by nutrient cycles: Make input and output last forever with 100% efficiency. material Vm ax C or Zero x es Zero rB so Vmax ss H2O CO2 Pr oc The material output of one becomes material input of another and it comes full circle. m arr ater of an ial som geme e ty nt pe ut np t-i n) tio ec nn co e oc Pr Vma Zero (o (CH2O)n—sugars O2 Zero ial ter ent ma gem pe ty an arr some f o photosynthesis x con ne ctio n) Ze ro light Vma (output-inp ut Vmax arrangement of some type aerobic respiration Processor A ut connection) ut-inp utp Example: The nutrient cycle (out pu outputs of some type Vmax Zero 3. The role played by reproduction Processor B Processor D inputs of some type outputs of some type Zero Vmax One Sun and Two Loops: - Nutrient cycle Processor A inputs - Carbon cycle of some type - Pollution - Nitrogen cycle Vmax Zero continual input of resources (energy and materials) throughout the entire loop. parents lethal damage (a) PERSISTENCE usable energy offspring polymer A 2 phosphates (P) time start P-P (two phoshates linked together) (b) PERSISTENCE monomer i PERSISThNCE PEhSISTENCE PERSISTENCE PERSISThNCE hERSISTENCE PERSISTENCE PERSISTENCE PERSISTENCE PERSISTENCE PERhISTENCE PERSISTENhE PERSISTENCE PERSISTENCE PERSISTENCE PERSIShENCE PhRSISThNCE X in eraser world will not survive in an individual sense, but its species will persist. polymer B Everything that persists must be a part of the nutrient cycle and must reproduce faster than you fall apart. polymer A, or polymer B, or polymer C polymer C several monomeri -P (from process occurring several times) Example: A simple reproductive performance P-P (2 phosphates...
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