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8:28 Physics

2 1 completely completely random motion random motion

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Unformatted text preview: ely random motion random motion What is usable energy? completely random motion completely completely directional motion directional motion To make use of; Initiate change (acceleration); Usable energy should be able to i something. acceleratencreasingly random motion increasingly random motion completely increasingly directional motion increasingly directional motion directional motion Random: means moving in all directions with equal probability. increasingly random motion increasingly directional motion Will accelerate, hence there is usable energy. Ball will wobble, but won't take off in any specific direction. Won't accelerate. direction of acceleration direction of acceleration ( ) ( ) Why does usable energy tend to become unusable with use? Becoming unusable: Tendency for it to become more random. direction of acceleration ( ) collision (KE toPE) directional motion higher lower higher lower directional temperature temperature force temperature temperature acceleration (PE to KE) higher lower temperature temperature Which scenerio is more probable? A) Square hit VS. B) Not going straight-on...
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