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8:28 Physics

A square hit vs b not going straight on both a and b

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Unformatted text preview: Both A and B have the same probability because they both can only it in one place. The probability for any particular collision is 1 over any other way. 2-2 What is the probability of a square hit? Define: wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong Square hitHitting something straight on so it keeps on going in the same direction. 1 all other possible collision angles right (square hit) 1 w ro ng w ro ng w ro ng w ro ng w ro ng w ro ng = large number <--- Probability a very small number What is the probability of maintaining direction across many collisions? 1 large number x 1 large number x 1 large number x 1 large number x keep on getting a smaller and smaller number Why does usable energy tend to become unusable with use? <-- Not possible to get square hits if a large group hits another large group. collision (KE toPE) directional force some with every collision directional motion acceleration (PE to KE) random motion Why does unusable energy tend to remain unusable? d a a e d b f f c Because of the probabilistic idea that it is rea...
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