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VARK Learning Preferences Assignment According to the questionnaire, my strongest learning preference is kinesthetic (10), and the result has been quite accurate. Performing the task is always easier and quicker to understand the information immediately, may be precisely as well. The approach uses all five senses to learn, allowing flexible changes and practical hands-on experience, instead of blindly absorbing information from lecturers having to imagine or fantasize the entire scene while listening. The second preferred learning strategies are reading/writing (7) and visual (6). Somehow, I felt that my reading/writing preference should be much lower. Usually when visual aid does not complete the learning process, that’s when reading/writing should come in hand. For example, when setting up a computer, the instructions usually include
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Unformatted text preview: pictures and texts. Looking at the picture, then look for bold texts tend to coordinate well. Further, by reading too much irrelevant information may cause further distraction. Since I’m already aware of my learning strategies, this questionnaire might not be too helpful for me, but it has collaborated to confirm my learning styles. In addition, opportunity could be the main factor. K inesthetic is not widely practiced in the school setting, unless it’s a physical education class. In college, learning has been based on theories, it’s impossible to have much interaction in class. It usually happens at workplaces, that’s why most students confirmed that they learned the practical skills at work....
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