Lo 6 below is disney corporations defined benefit

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Unformatted text preview: orporation’s defined benefit pension disclosure for fiscal 2009. What amount will Disney report benefit obligations, assets, fu and statu s and balance sheet imp acts The follow ing chart su mmarizes the on its 2009 balance sheet,nd ed will that amount be reported as a net pension plan asset or liability? associated w ith the pension and p ostretirement m ed ical benefit p lans based u pon the actuarial valuations p rep ared as of October 3, 2009 and Ju ne 30, 2008 (the Plan Measurement Dates). (in millions) Pension Plans October 3, 2009 Projected benefit obligations Beginning obligations Ad option of new m easurem ent d ate Service cost Interest cost Actuarial (loss) / gain Plan am end m ents and other Benefits paid End ing obligations Fair valu e of p lans' assets Beginning fair value Ad option of new m easurem ent d ate Actual return on p lan assets Con tributions Benefits paid Exp enses End ing fair valu e Und erfu nd ed statu s of the p lans Con tributions after Plan Measu rem ent Date Postretirem ent Med ical Plans September 27, 2008 October 3, 2009 $ (5,249) 452 (164...
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