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The com p any is no longer subject to exam ination in

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Unformatted text preview: ior to 2002. In the next tw elve m onths, it is reasonably p ossible that ou r unrecognized tax benefits cou ld change d u e to p aym ents for or resolu tion of open tax m atters for p ost­2002 years. These resolutions and p aym ents w ould red u ce our u nrecognized tax benefits by $109 m illion. In fiscal 2009, incom e tax benefits attributable to equ ity­based com p ensation transactions w ere less than the am ou nts record ed based on grant d ate fair valu e. Accordingly, a shortfall of $26 m illion w as charged to shareholders’ equity. In fiscal years 2008 and 2007, incom e tax benefits attribu table to equ ity­based com p ensation transactions exceed ed am ou nts recorded at grant d ate and accord ingly w ere cred ited to sharehold ers’ equity and totaled $45 m illion and $123 m illion, resp ectively . 90 Page 21 of 21...
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