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The company had 762 million and 911 million in

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Unformatted text preview: lance sheets. The Company had $76.2 million and $91.1 million in prepaid rent included in Prepaid expenses and other current assets on the consolidated balance sheets as of September 27, 2009 and September 28, 2008, respectively. LO 4 LO 5 S C-2 Analyzing Disney’s income tax disclosures The following questions pertain to Disney’s 2009 financial statements and Note 13: income tax footnote shown below. Shareholders’ Equity 1. How much did Disney report as income tax expense in fiscal 2009? How In addition to 1.2much shares of authorized common stock the year for income taxes? In general, billion cash did Disney pay during with $0.001 par value per share, the Company has authorized 7.5 million shares of preferred stock, none of which was outstanding at September 27, 2009. why do these numbers differ? • Disney reports income tax expense on its 2009 income statement 64 of $2,049 million. On the bottom of its 2009 cash flow statement, it reports paying $1,609 million in cash for income...
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