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The ultimate u tilization of the m inority interest

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Unformatted text preview: liabilitycarryforw ard p eriod , w ou ld not have $ imp act on the Company's consolid ated net income 679 $ 1,326 w hich have an ind efinite an as any incom e tax benefit w ould be offset by a charge to minority interest in the income statement. The valu ation allow ance p rincip ally relates to a $328 m illion d eferred tax asset for the minority interest share of As losses at 3, 2009, the Comp ultim ate nd istribu ted the m inority interest share of of net op erating losses, op eratingof October Euro Disney. The any had uu tilization ofearnings of foreign subsid iaries theap proximately $124 m illion, for an ind eferred taxes have not been , rovid ed . The Company intend to Com p any's earnings for net w hich havew hich definite carryforw ard p eriod p w ould not have an im pact ons thereinvest theseconsolid ated the incom e foreseeable fu tu re. If these w ou ld be ere d by a charge to United States, in in form of divid end s or otherw ise, the as any income tax benefit amou nts woffset istribu ted to theminority interest the the incom e statem ent. Com p any w ould be su bject to ad d itional U.S. income taxes. Determination of the am ou nt of u nrecogni...
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