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Unformatted text preview: closu re of cash flow information: Interest paid $ 485 $ 555 $ 551 Income taxes paid $ 1,609 $ 2,768 $ 2,796 See Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements 65 Page 19 of 21 as ad ju stments to interest exp ense over the lives of the sw ap s. Gains and losses on the termination of effective sw ap agreements, p rior to their original maturity, are deferred and amortized to interest expense over the remaining term of the u nd erlying hed ged transactions. The Com pany enters into riskEND-OF-CHAPTER MATERIAL hedges and d o not qualify for managem ent contracts that are not d esignated as hedge accounting. These contracts are intend ed to offset certain economic exposu res of the Comp any and are carried at market valu e w ith any changes in value record ed in earnings. Cash flow s from hedging activities are classified in the Consolid ated Statements of Cash Flow s u nd er the same category as the cash flow s from the related assets, liabilities or DISNEY’S 2009 INCOME9TAXES FOOTNOTE EXCERPTS forecasted transactions (see Notes and 17). Income Taxes The Com pany accou nts for current and d eferred inco...
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