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Cleveland requires that any person receiving

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Unformatted text preview: lumbus, Ohio, Code § 2323.12(A), (E)(3) Hartford Hartford, Conn., Code §§ 21-71, 21-72(d) New York City New York, N.Y., Admin. Code §§ 10-131(h)(1), (2); New York, N.Y., Rules tit. 38, § 5-01 Omaha Omaha, Neb., Code §§ 20-192, 20-194, 20-195, 20-204 – 20-208, 19-392.2 Chicago: Chicago prohibits carrying concealed weapons. Cleveland: While Cleveland prohibits the knowing carrying of a concealed deadly weapon, this prohibition does not apply to firearms that are loaded, or for which the offender has ammunition “ready at hand.”24 Cleveland also prohibits knowingly carrying, possessing, or having “ready at hand” any handgun or long gun at or about a public place. Cleveland requires that any person receiving, possessing, having on or about the person or using any handgun must have an identification card and a registration card for the handgun. Columbus: Like Cleveland, Columbus prohibits any person from knowingly carrying or having concealed on his or her person or concealed ready at hand any deadly weapon, but this prohibition does not apply to firearms that are loaded or for which the offender has ammunition ready at hand.25 22 This section is based on research and analysis of existing firearms laws in: Boston, Massachusetts; Chicago, Illinois; Hartford, Connecticut; Los Angeles, California; Newark, New Jersey; New York, New York; Omaha, Nebraska; and San Francisco, California. LCAV selected these cities because they are located in states that grant local jurisdictions broad authority to regulate firearms. It also includes existing laws in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio. Note, however, that in 2006, the Ohio Legislature passed House Bill 347 (overriding the Governor’s veto), which created Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 9.68(A), a provision that purports to preempt all local authority to regulate firearms with few, limited exceptions. Legal challenges to the law are pending. Additional information about state laws governing local authority to regulate firearms is contained in the section of this report titled “The Legal Background.” 23 Note that th...
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