Now called natural resources conservaon service nrcs

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Unformatted text preview: or pracNce with land bare of vegetaNon burning stubble 1930’s • severe drought cause the dry non vegetated surface to be blown away • - Carrying Capacity of land exceeded • - Wind erosion - Defla%on • - US Soil ConservaNon Services formed in 1933 now called Natural Resources Conserva%on Service (NRCS) h:p:// home Cimarron County, Oklahoma Photo: K. Holland Drought • DefiniNon • Dry condiNons that prevail for a period of Nme. How dry? How long? - It depends • No one definiNon exists - drought is in the eyes of the beholder ( it is contextual) • Drought depends Types of Drought • Drought – drought is defined on the basis of the degree of dryness in comparison to some “normal” or average amount, and the duraNon of the dry period. D...
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